Contract Marriage Dramas List

As a professional, I know the importance of using keywords to attract traffic to a website. One such popular keyword is “contract marriage dramas list.” So, let`s dive into this topic and explore the top contract marriage dramas that have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

1. Full House (2004)

One of the classic contract marriage dramas that started the trend is Full House. The story revolves around aspiring writer, Han Ji Eun, who signs a contract marriage with A-list actor, Lee Young Jae. The two pretend to be married to get their respective exes jealous but end up falling in love with each other.

2. Marriage Contract (2016)

Marriage Contract is a compelling drama that explores the concept of a contract marriage between a single mother, Kang Hye Soo, and a wealthy businessman, Han Ji Hoon. She agrees to the marriage to get her daughter`s medical bills paid, but soon the two develop feelings for each other.

3. Fated to Love You (2014)

Fated to Love You is a romantic comedy that revolves around two strangers, Lee Gun and Kim Mi Young, who end up sleeping together after getting drunk. Later, they discover that they entered into a contract marriage due to a mistaken one-night stand. As they navigate their fake marriage, they fall in love with each other.

4. My Secret Romance (2017)

My Secret Romance is a lighthearted drama that follows the contract marriage between Cha Jin Wook, a wealthy businessman, and Lee Yoo Mi, an ordinary employee. The two agree to a fake marriage to get revenge on their ex-partners but end up falling in love with each other despite their differences.

5. Emergency Couple (2014)

Emergency Couple is a medical drama that tells the story of a divorced couple, Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee, who meet again as interns in the same hospital after six years. They get forced into a fake marriage to appease Chang Min`s grandmother, which leads to them rekindling their former love.

In conclusion, contract marriage dramas have become a popular trend on television as they explore the concept of two strangers getting married for convenience and eventually falling in love. These dramas are a blend of romance, comedy, and drama and provide captivating storyline that keeps viewers hooked. Whether you are a fan of K-dramas or not, these top contract marriage dramas will surely leave you entertained and with a warm feeling in your heart.

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